In general by saying, “Do not do harm … Do not eat meat,” this is not saying that one should practice Dharma. Whether one wants to practice Dharma or not, since abandoning harm and not eating meat are the unexcelled means of generating peace and happiness, it is of great importance to be able to put this into practice. If one only considers whether meat is delicious or not, it will be difficult to abandon it. But as was explained earlier, if one carefully thinks about the source of meat and the nature of its existence, giving it up will not be such an arduous task. Even if one is not able completely abandon it immediately, if one reads this again and again, the contents of this book will come to mind from time to time and when one sees or hears of animals being killed, if one thinks of these beings as oneself or one’s mother, gradually and naturally the desire to eat meat will disappear. Further, it is also very important to make aspirations such as, “May I not desire to eat meat,” and “In the future may I be born as a vegetarian.” When the crown jewel of all those accomplished in both practice and scholarship, the bodhisattva Lodro Thaye was nearing death, he was repeatedly heard saying, “I made the aspiration that I be born as a being that does not desire to eat meat.” Just as it is clear in his biography, what the genuine beings show us are very important teachings to be taken to heart. Therefore, regarding this arrangement of a brief synopsis of the Buddha’s teachings regarding the faults of eating meat, the benefits of abandoning it, together with the reasons that it is an unsuitable act, I hope it will be of some small benefit to the tormented animals and to the tradition of human’s unrestrained acts that cause destitution for self and others. I myself barely know how to read but since this is a compilation of the unmistaken words of the genuine lamas, I think it is worthy of confidence.

Even though beings each more than the next are busy striving for happiness
No one attains it except the enlightened ones.
Therefore, may their teachings and the spiritual masters who hold them
Steadfastly remain until the end of the countless eons.

By the melodious sounds of peace and non-violence entering everyone’s ears May dark hearts, wrong thoughts and deeds vanish into space without remainder. By the power of mutual loving kindness and benefit pervading the three worlds May all beings enjoy the glory of absolute peace and happiness!



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