Dedication Verses by Bokar Rinpoche

Alas, these deluded and ignorant beings
Are not able to bear even a spark on their own bodies.
But by craving and desirous attachment towards the taste of flesh
Like actual demons they are able to hack others’ bodies to pieces.

To beings, our old mothers who have lovingly
Nurtured us with immeasurable kindness from beginningless time,
Shamelessly and ruthlessly we act contrarily and
Acquire a miserable existence and negative karma, what a pity!

In the future, in this and all my rebirths Having been accepted by the supreme and noble Chenrezig May my three gates be free from the unspeakable faults, May I be born in a pure realm and be a guide for beings!

Thus, Minyak Phurbu Tashi, a graduate of the Rumtek Shedra, while staying here in the three-year, three-month retreat in the Mirik retreat center Zungjuk Gatsal Ling in the District of Darjeeling, has abandoned killing and taking meat as food. Further for others he has written of the faults of eating meat and the benefits of abandoning it. Along with being pleased and rejoicing from my heart, these aspirations have arisen so I have written them down. May they be endowed with meaning!

By the one named Bokar Tulku, Karma Ngedon Chokyi Lodro. June 26, 2003


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