Forewords by The Dalai Lama and Karmapa Orgyen Trinle Dorje

Engaging in acts of virtue, Minyak Phurbu Tashi has compiled the book called The Lamp of Reasoning and Scriptures of the Sage, the Buddha: Some encouraging the abandonment taking slain flesh as food discussion for those desiring excellence. In doing so Phurbu Tashi has strongly encouraged many beings who enjoy meat to completely abandon it or at least to reduce consumption thus offering protection of life and shelter from fear to many living creatures. Therefore, I rejoice, offer praise and make the aspiration that this encourages virtue and the arising of vast benefit.

The Dalai Lama
August 7, 2004

It is excellent that Phurbu Tashi of Rumtek Shedra has composed this book of advice regarding the faults of eating meat and the means to abandon it. Generally, those of us who follow the doctrine of non-violence’ of the compassionate teacher, the Buddha, and in particular many Kagyu lamas of the past have not partaken of meat. As several of the great monasteries, numerous monks and other students have adhered to the tradition of vegetarianism as taught according to the life stories, beyond uttering mere empty words, may we give rise to affection for our old mother sentient beings from the depths of our hearts.

Karmapa Orgyen Trinle Dorje
Buddhist year 2458
July 31, 2004


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