From the Perspective of Future Lives

The presentation of karmic results in general, and specifically the extent to which eating meat and killing beings will produce immeasurable negativity in future lives is inconceivable to ordinary beings. However, the Buddha, the teacher who was skilled in means and endowed with compassion has perfectly taught that one should engage in virtue and abandon negative acts. The great scholars of India who were without rival in this world, Nagarjuna, Asanga and others, the noble ones who dwell on the bodhisattva levels have settled this as truth. Further the twenty-five greatly accomplished ones of Tibet (King Trisong Detsen and his followers); Marpa, Milarepa and Gampopa; Tsongkapa, Gyaltsab and Gelek Peldzam; and the five forefathers of the Sakya, through their practice were established on the level of great accomplishment and discovered the certainty of this truth, therefore we need not be led down the path of doubt. It is said in the Sutra of Close Mindfulness that even by killing one being one will experience the sufferings of hell for an eon and will pay with five hundred of one’s own lives. Further, There is no evil act greater than killing.

Regarding killing, it is a grave wrongful act. A further reason is that except for hell beings, there is no one who is not afraid of death. The Buddha, the Transcendent Conqueror, said to the six monks at Gyalje Tsal,

All fear punishment.
All are afraid of death.
Thinking of how oneself would feel,
Do no beat and do not kill.
All fear punishment,
All cherish their life,
Thinking of how oneself would feel,
Do not beat and do not kill

Thus it is said since there is nothing one cherishes more than one’s life and body.

Also regarding the faults inherent in eating meat, from the Lankavatara Sutra,

Having died one will fall into the hell of tormented lamentations.
It is said that the fully ripened result is that one must take rebirth in hell.
Having died one falls into the class of the carnivorous beasts,
Will be born in foul smelling and lowly places,
Or will be born as a fool.
The majority in the lowest classes of society.

One will be born as a hunter, butcher,
Or in the hungry ghost realm.
One will be born as a meat eater.
One will always take birth in the womb of demons.

Regarding the result that is in accordance with the cause, from Jestsun Milarepa,

By engaging in the evil act of killing
One will like food of flesh and blood.
By the karma that follows from killing,
Of the six realms on will take the body of a hungry ghost.
By enjoying evil acts one will fall into the lower realms.
By desiring food of flesh and blood,
One very much enjoys killing and taking lives.
One takes the wretched form of a hungry ghost.
By engaging in evil acts one takes birth in hell.
Not remembering the seeds of liberation
There are no means of liberation, what a pity!

From the second volume of the Kalay Gozang, the stories of the enlightened acts of the Great Fifth Dalai Lama, “Since these Mongol kings enjoy flesh and blood, it should be very difficult to be reborn in the higher realms. As many take excellent births as gods and men, I think this must be due to the power of unwavering faith in the three jewels.” Further by eating meat, in future lives one will be killed and eaten by others. In brief, one should have no doubt regarding the certainty of being burdened by an endless, heavy load of suffering that arises from eating meat.


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