Homage and Expression of Intention

Striving solely to discover the means of happiness for all beings,
You benefit others by showing that the path to enlightenment is the mind that benefits others.
Great compassionate one who especially loves those tormented beings,

I bow to the feet of the lama with whom all connections are meaningful.

With loving-kindness your eyes gaze upon beings,
By compassionate means you appear as a great spiritual friend,
Lord of compassion who shows the peaceful path of non-violence’
To Chenrezig, the holder of the lotus, I respectfully prostrate.

In order that the glorious lama’s life be long and
To liberate impoverished beings from the conflicting emotions,
Thinking that this is the intention of the lama
I offer some discussion to those with interest.

With the homage and intention thus expressed, the path of excellence and virtue is broadly opened. The topic of this book is the grave actions of taking life and eating meat. It is approached from spiritual and worldly perspectives, from the view point of this and future lives, and in consideration of oneself and others. If one carefully considers this it will become self evident and easy for anyone to understand that from all perspectives, this is the greatest fault of human beings. A few people in countries of the east and west have understood this and abandoned this practice. In these beings actions I rejoice and along with that will briefly explore this topic.


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