How to Be a Vegetarian

To become a vegetarian is a not very difficult thing when you understand the nature of meat and the result of eating it.

It is a very hard thing trying not to eat your favorite delicious foods until you discover they have been cooked in contaminated water and touched by a sick person’s hand covered with bacteria and somebody was killed in order to get it. When you discover that you will not have the slightest desire of eating your favorite dish. Meat is like that, it might be your favorite food but it is dirty, it has bacteria and some one was killed in order to get it.

There are four ways to be a vegetarian, half vegetarian, full vegetarian, pure vegetarian and strict vegetarian.

Half vegetarian means you eat only one or two kinds of meat and give up the rest, or you eat meat occasionally. It is a good thing not to eat all kinds of creatures and give up some meat that you used to eat, and also a good thing that you are not eating every day but only occasionally. Never listen to others, people may say strange things about you, “Why do you give up only one kind of meat?”, “You are funny.” and so on.

Full vegetarians don’t eat any kind of flesh and blood but eat eggs. People sometimes are not happy if someone is doing something good; these people always try to find out faults of others and gossip about them. I heard many people saying, “That person is a hypocrite, they give up eating meat but eat eggs.” “Egg is also living being” and so on. Egg might be a living being but it is not meat and giving up eat meat doesn’t mean you don’t eat anything from animals. Actually there are two different kinds of eggs. A hen will produce eggs on a regular basis. The rooster can either fertilize these eggs or not. It doesn’t matter to the hen; her body produces eggs. The eggs that are not fertilized are not living beings. When the rooster and the hen produce a fertilized egg this is a living being.

Pure vegetarians, of course, don’t eat any kind of flesh and also give up eating eggs. This is a very good thing for health, animals, environment, and nature. You can get a totally balanced diet without eating meat. All vegetables contain protein and too much protein consumption is unhealthy. Grains, legumes and soybeans contain plenty of protein. Vegetarian foods do not have to be boring. Spice it up! For example, veggies and rice with some Teriyaki sauce are delicious and as filling as any meat dish you can think of while being far more healthy for you and easier on animals and the environment. Why not give a vegetarian diet a try and give our environment a break. Your body will thank you and so will the Earth!

Strict vegetarian means not eating any kind of food from animals, such as meat, egg, cheese, butter and also not wearing leather. I myself am not a strict vegetarian, it is too hard for me, but many of my friends are strict vegetarians and I really admire them.


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